We took on Hurricane Idalia!

We took on Hurricane Idalia!

Well we are only 18 months into being Floridians and had a category 3/4 make landfall about 30 miles away. We’re 30 miles from the coast, so hopefully this is the worst we ever see. Being that we live in a manufactured home and had a decent risk of tornadoes, we listened to our mandatory evacuation order.

We spent the night in Pensacola Beach and drove home the next afternoon to find we only lost our son’s trampoline. Our home and our barn were not only intact, but there were still potted plants on my front porch!! We are very grateful for such an outcome. We were without electricity for a few days so spent a couple days near Tampa, enjoyed the pool and an arcade next door. We lost some of our freezer food, but I cannot and will not complain. 

Seeing so much destruction from large oak trees, I am glad we hadn’t planted a ton of fruit trees in our first year like I anticipated doing. We chose this location in Florida as there has only been one record of a hurricane coming through this area and it was nearly 100 years ago. Very unprecedented for this region. Now to continue with creating a Homestead!

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