Where have I been?! 😱

Where have I been?! 😱

Hi Everyone!!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written. Let’s just start with the first year moving across the country and completely flipping our lives upside down has been one heck of an ongoing learning lesson! 

Prices of everything rose dramatically and many parts of the US ways of life seems to be shaky at best. Do I need to prepare for an apocalypse or should I put effort toward social media? Was it really my job causing burnout or is it undo stressors I put upon myself? Most of what we eat and use is toxic, how can I change that? Oh and let’s quadruple the size of my houseplant collection while I’m at it 😅 

My attempts to tame part of North Florida crabgrass into a food forest failed drastically. We’ve invested time in learning our land and letting nature sew some seeds. I’ll make a video in the coming weeks about the things we tried and learned. Funding is the major stopping block. I need shade, irrigation, or both to grow much of anything well in the FL sun. I’m shifting some of my plans to work better with nature & still figuring it all out. 

One of my accomplishments has been transforming our diets. 18 months ago we were living off DoorDash orders. I would make Wesley food but I was definitely addicted to the convenience factor. Now we can’t get delivery living in the country so I’ve been forced to cook again- which is something I love, but over the past few years I had become too exhausted to keep up with life. Not only do I only visit the store every 10-12 days, but I’ve begun making SO many things from scratch. When you start reading the ingredients on the “food” at the store, I just couldn’t continue to knowingly pay for food that has poison in it. 

Many new videos are on the way to help catch everyone up and help keep this community growing. Moving has definitely created a sense of loneliness and that won’t change until I change my approach. Mental health win of the week! Thank you all so much! 💜

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