About Us

Hi! My name is Sara and... I like plants! Houseplants, native plants, edible plants, even aquatic plants!

I recently quit my corporate job, cashed in my retirement & relocated to Florida! I moved from Indiana, with my boyfriend Lucas (LRB Aquatics), our 7 year old son Wesley, and our 4 cats. We found a property we fell in love with and are on a mission to create a more sustainable life for our family. 

My houseplant journey began with my Grandma's 7 generation Beefsteak Begonia. It's taught me some lessons through the years, but the most important one of all has been resilience! This plant, like many of us, has experienced a lot of ups and downs (literally), but it continues to reach for that which it knows it needs... a little light :) 

I worked in finance for 10 years, but before that I managed restaurants and hotels. I enjoy cooking & baking from scratch and am working toward growing most of our own food. I gardened a bit in Indiana, learned a TON from my mom, but I know I've got a lot to learn in order to be successful here in Florida.

There are plenty of stories out there about gardening in Florida being difficult due to hot summer temperatures and persistent pests, but I believe in nature and the symbiosis that's all around us. I plan to build a food forest out of our acres of sandy, rocky, root-filled grass... let's learn some lessons together!

Follow me on my journey!