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3 pack Bare root (live) Flax Lily

3 pack Bare root (live) Flax Lily

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A perennial flower from Mediterranean region. It prefers shade, is deer resistant and requires little maintenance. Flax lily is fast growing and blooms small purple flowers at the end of stalks, in the middle of summer.  Leaves become less variegated in full shade.

You will receive 3 bare roots per order ($5). Upon receiving them, you can plant in a pot or directly into the ground. Hardy in Zones 8-11.

Shipping Cost

$8 cost, 2-3 day delivery, mailed on Wednesdays

Care information

you can continue to grow in a vase of water, or choose to pot in soil.

If transferring to soil, please anticipate a transition phase.

Indoor Grown

Water Propagated in May


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