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Cissus Rhombifolia Grape Ivy (Various Sizes)

Cissus Rhombifolia Grape Ivy (Various Sizes)

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Rooted Cutting

Cissus Rhombifolia aka Oak Leaf or Grape Ivy is a fantastic houseplant that appreciates low light.

Looks like oak leaves to me, the new growth is velvety to the touch yet has curly tendrils like grapes! Plant will grow very long, we've had the mother plant going almost a decade! (pictured)

Rooted Cuttings will include 3+ leaves and roots at least 2” long, ready to be potted in your soil and container of choice  

Potted Starter Plants are in 2-3” pots and layered with Miracle-Grow Indoor potting soil and backyard Florida sand (chemical free!)

Contact with any questions!

Shipping Cost

$8 cost, 2-3 day delivery, mailed on Wednesdays

Care information

you can continue to grow in a vase of water, or choose to pot in soil.

If transferring to soil, please anticipate a transition phase.

Indoor Grown

Water Propagated in May


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